The Forgotten Sea (Groovy Grammar)

The Forgotten Sea

As we walk along the nearly fallen bridge we take in the breathless sunset setting out on the horizon of the ocean. We stayed in the most unbearable cabins leading out from the bridge. The smallest and ugliest cabin was ours, it looked like it would be swept out into the forgotten sea. All my friends and their family stayed in the more stable larger cabins, the cabins were held up by the most rickety stilts anyone has ever seen. The bridges were all connected in one way or another before everything came tumbling down.

The Images Shed Thanks to Louise Brookes @lobroo on Twitter for providing this image

The Images Shed
Thanks to Louise Brookes @lobroo on Twitter for providing this image

Jacob’s Rainy Day (Language Features Task 2)

The rain poured down and Jacob could hear the rain from outside his window. ‘Wow the rain is as loud as an elephant blowing his trunk!’ Splash! The sound made Jacob hungry..Very hungry ‘ I’m so hungry IĀ could eat a horse!‘ he said. The next morning he got up (still raining) and got ready for school. When he was walking down to breakfast later that morning his sister passed him down the stairs “Nice weather isn’t it?‘ she said sarcastically as she walked down the stairs. “Oh and your going to be late, time flies like an arrow doesn’t it?’ with that Jacob ran down the stairs and after grabbing his umbrella ran to school. He walked to school every day since his school was only 5 minutes away and his sister phoebe’s school was a good 30 minute drive away without traffic. When he arrived it school he could already sense it was gonna be a long boring day and with that sat down in his seat and almost fell asleep! But luckily his friend Tom woke him up “What happened dude? You look worn out?’ Well he had no idea how long Jacob stayed up last night.




Red-Rhetorical Question

Pale pink-A pun

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