Week 5 Post

The Australian food I have chose are Tim Tams.


Tim Tams are so good that if you have one its easy to have a second or a third! They have softer chocolate in the middle and then chocolate biscuit around

the soft chocolate and the have hard solid layer of chocolate. They use to just come as an original flavour when they came out but later in their life they have made different kinds including

Caramel and dark chocolate,now there has been a new line of  Tim Tams by renowned dessert chef Adriano Zumbo the flavours are

Salted Caramel, Choc Brownie, Raspberry White Choc and Red Velvet. These are loved by many Australians all around the Australia.

5 thoughts on “Week 5 Post

  1. G’day Kyla,
    Tim Tams are one of my favourite biscuits, but they are sooo fattening. I agree with you that once you have eaten one, you then have to eat another and another and soon none left in the packet.

  2. Hi Kyla,
    My name is Maddie, I live in Iowa and our popular food is hot dogs and hamburgers. You should try them sometime they are really good and you would probably like it.

    • Hi Maddie
      I’d love to visit your blog can you send me the URL?
      We have hotdogs and hamburgers in Australia, I like hotdogs but I don’t really like hamburgers
      What are some other foods you like

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